Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where D'ya Wanna Eat?

For some reason, Christmastime makes me crave Mexican food. Now, I can and do eat Mexican food year round but, I really want it as Christmas rolls around. Maybe it's because when we first moved to the southwest, I was fascinated by the number of people who made and sold tamales this time of year. In the hospital, signs would go up or the message would go out by word of mouth that a Nana or Tia was making and selling tamales. The tamales always made it to the Christmas table even for us Ohioans who never eaten a tamale until adulthood. An interesting thing about tamales is that everyone makes them a little different; there are those who put an olive in the center, others add raisins, some add nothing. It's a good thing to ask, as biting down on an olive with a pit can be dangerous.

Last week my younger son and I celebrated our December birthdays with dinner at El Charro, one of the oldest Mexican restaurants in Tucson. Over the years they have grown to have several locations around town but my favorite is still the original site downtown. There is nothing like a crisp night, the smell of woodsmoke and carne seca and a cold margarita. El Charro is known for Carne Seca and Birthday Boy had the CS burro, while I had Chicken Mole. Mmm-mm was it ever good. Mole poblano is a sauce made from dried peppers, nuts and chocolate and has a wonderful smoky flavor that is perfect with chicken.
Try it if you haven't.

If you're looking for good, authentic Sonoran style food, you can't go wrong at El Charro.


Rich Luhr said...

Agreed on El Charro. Happy birthday

StrawBoss said...

Thanks, Rich!
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