Monday, December 22, 2008

A Book You Might Like

On the heels of the previous post, I wanted to suggest one of my favorite books, Death Comes to the Archbishop by Willa Cather. It's a wonderful read for anyone, but especially those who want to understand more about the history of the Southwest. The main character is a French missionary priest who arrives, on horseback, in Santa Fe. The story takes place almost 100 years post Padre Kino and in a different area, but there are many similarities and it is a great story well-told. Cather is wonderful writer.

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Erin said...

Hi Judy,

My husband and I both love this book. Glad to see we share similar good taste! :)

Thanks for your comment on our blog. We are enjoying your blogs - especially Straw Cottage. We want one of those one day - in November we even looked at the one you helped with out in Vail. Too spendy for us but we did love it!

Keep up the good work.