Monday, December 29, 2008

Dec 29-Jan 8 2009! Wow, 2009!

Big Do'ins downtown for New Years Eve. First Night is being coordinated by the Downtown Tucson Partnership and looks to be the makings of a fun time.

FIRST NIGHT takes place at seven locations in Downtown Tucson; Leo Rich Theatre at TCC, Scottish Rite Temple, Beowulf Alley Theatre and Tucson Children’s Museum are ticketed venues featuring varied entertainment including Hispanic roots music and dance, bluegrass, jazz and world music, comedy, interactive fun for kids and more.
Silver Thread Trio
Tim Wiedenkeller
Namoli Brennet

Los Cuatro Vientos
La Mezcla

Something for Everyone!
Looks to be a fun time and I hope it becomes an annual event.

Every restaurant and bar in Tucson will have some kind of New Years event. Even my fave, Feast, is having a "fancy-pants, prix fixe menu" (most likely booked up by now). So if you like to go out and have a big time on NYE, call your favorite place and see what's the haps.

I'm kind of in the "let's stay home and play a game or watch an old movie" crowd.

As a kid, I can remember my parents and grandparents talking about the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and what a boost it had been for the country in very trying economic times (sound familiar?). When traveling, we saw so many public works made possible by the CCC and I love searching out these pieces of history today. Saguaro West will have a slide show about this lasting legacy on Jan 2-details are here.

On Jan 3 at 3pm Saguaro East presents a talk on A Taste of the Desert and the uses of desert plants for food.

On Sunday in Tubac, you can get a bit of the early history of the Valley presented by los Tubaquenos. Come join the lives of the men, women and children who worked and played on the Spanish Frontier. Sample foods, see weavers in action, and learn about fashions and woodworking. These presentations continue through March.

Something to think about: Love those little hummers? Can't wait to get your feeders out whenever you set-up somewhere new? Donate some time and/or money to hummingbird monitoring and learn more about the little critters. Coming up in March are banding days which you can find out more about at Hummingbird Monitoring Network or Birchside Studios.

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