Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Gem Show

If you're planning to visit the Gem Shows over the next couple of weeks here are a few suggestions.

1) Look at a map of the shows and scope out the sites you're interested in before going. Parking will be scarce and people get pretty particular about their parking lots during the show. You may want to begin at a place that has plenty of parking, such as Tucson Electric Park. and go from there on one of the shuttles. Driving in Tucson can be a pain in the best of times but during big events, it's even worse. Taking the shuttle allows someone else to get the headache and the benefit of hand gestures. It looks as though the shuttles have everything covered and believe me, it's so much easier.

2) Remember where you park your car!

3) Wear comfortable, layered clothing and shoes made for walking.

4) Take snacks and water to drink. Food and drink will be priced as they usually are at these types of events, ridiculously high! Use the shopping bag you're bringing to carry home your treasures to carry water bottles; as you buy things you can drink the water which will decrease the weight in the bag, or not, depending on how much you buy.

5) Be aware, watch your purse or wallet. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged.

6) If you own a business, bring your business license. More info on that here.

7) If you hate crowds and/or shopping, do your partner a favor and STAY HOME!

8) Read this article: 5 Reasons to Go to Tucson

9) Have fun!


ARVA said...

A big "Thanks" for this one stop shop with suggestions on what, where and when, in Tucson and area.
I learned where to grab a brew, what kind to drink, how to avoid the hassles of Gem Show mania.
Spread and link this site people, cause TV just shortens your life.
Thanks J.

Glen said...

Yes Al Roker is a "Talking Head". Not a expert at anything except running his mouth and trying to appear knowlegeable about the event or crisis of the moment. I'm rooting for the Cards because they have been the longest without anything to brag about.