Monday, January 19, 2009

Hit the Dusty Trail

If you've been around Tucson much, and are in the least outdoorsy, you've probably found the Summit Hut. It's a Tucson institution for hiking, camping, climbing, biking equipment. The owner and founder of Summit Hut, Dave Baker, has started a helpful blog about Tucson outdoors and things that might improve your outdoor experience. Hey, he sells stuff so he should have a good idea of what works and what doesn't. Bookmark this blog: Trail Talk

No matter where we are, I'm always attracted to these outdoors outfitters type stores. I especially like the home grown kind because they usually have folks working there who actually know about what they're selling and it keeps local money, local. There's a Babbitt's in Flagstaff, San Juan Sports in Creede, CO, Headwaters Outdoor Equipment in Salida, CO and Manzanita Outdoors in Prescott. You can find cool stuff you didn't know you needed and you can usually pick up a copy of the Mountain Gazette which has interesting writing from those who, when in doubt, go higher. I could spend hours in those stores but then, shouldn't I really be outside, actually doing something. Anyway, I digress. Check out Dave's blog and then actually get outside and DO SOMETHING and then DO MORE!


Mark said...

Do Something!

I can visualize that on a tee shirt... and perhaps, if you are as fortunate as the "life is good" sloganeers, enjoy a shortcut to early retirement.

StrawBoss said...